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You are experienced with CAMPR and want others to reach a similar level? Do you think you could improve existing materials so others can have an even better learning experience?

To learn about the current offerings, download materials here.


Video tutorials: We would like to cover every aspect, functionality and purpose of CAMPR. If you think you can help us and have an idea how to, please contact us!


User Manuals & Exercises: Do you want to share the training documents you used to introduce CAMPR to your organization? Send us your materials as PDF.


Blogs, Newsletter: Share your CAMPR experience or other PM-related work/experience and get the chance to get published in our company blog or newsletter.

Your contribution to CAMPR is highly appreciated – not only in the topics above, but anything you think would further improve the tool or the presentation. There is always room for improvement and a you have the abilities to help.

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