Open Source Task Management

Was ist eine Aufgabe im Projekt?

Ein Task in einem Projekt unterscheidet sich nicht wirklich von einer Aufgabe im normalen Betrieb. Ein Projekt besteht letztendlich aus einer großen Anzahl einzelner Aufgaben, die auf die Erfüllung der Projektziele ausgerichtet sind. Aufgaben werden normalerweise in Phasen organisiert, basierend auf ihrer zeitlichen Abfolge oder Funktion.

Was ist Taskmanagement und warum ist es so wichtig?

Task management is an organized approach to task execution. With projects usually having a large number of tasks, that organized approach becomes mandatory if anyone wants to keep the overview of the project. Another factor that makes task management mandatory is the number of people participating in the project and therefore in the tasks. All in all you can say that the main objective of task management is the management of  complexity.

What does task management look like in CAMPR?

CAMPR offers you a comprehensive open source task management tool where you can set up individual tasks, allocate them to a phase or milestone and track their progress. The open source task management tool offers a task board to give you an overview of the current status of all your tasks. 

The tool offers five different status labels: 

Open: This is the standard status for any task that is newly added. Work on the task has not started yet and the project members participating have not yet been assigned.

Pending: Work on the task has still not started, but the work has been assigned.

Ongoing: Project members are currently working on the task.

Completed: Work on the task has been completed, but not yet approved by the project manager.

Closed: Only Project Managers can change a task status to closed. A closed tasks means that the work is finished and the result of it is approved by the project manager.

Open Source Task Management with CAMPR

In CAMPR you can set up detailed tasks including:

  • description
  • base dates
  • Cost forecast (internal & external cost)
  • assignees
  • subtasks
  • attachments

Setting up tasks in this environment and order helps you keep track of them and improves your team’s communication and cooperation. 

CAMPR is an Open Source enterprise project management system, available as SaaS and on premise. If you would like to use the on premise version and install the project management system with all its tools on your own server, you can find a detailed description on our GitHub repository.