Timeline Management

A closer look into timeline management and how you can keep your project on schedule with CAMPR.

What is a project timeline?

The project timeline is the order of events occuring in a project. The project consists of a number of tasks that are usually organized in different phases depending on the timing or the nature of the tasks. In a project following the classic project management approach, the phases are: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and close out. 

Another part of the project timeline are milestones which represent important events throughout the project lifecycle such as the ramp up of production or the launch of your new website.

What is timeline management?

To keep a project on track is not an easy task. Planning and monitoring the timeline is a key factor for your projects success. With all the uncertain events and results it is important to know the bottlenecks of the timeline and keep track of all tasks to be able to reallocate resources quickly in order to avoid delays and additional costs.

Free open source timeline management tool. Phases and milestones on a timeline.
timeline management. Phase with detailed information
Gantt chart including phases and task on timeline

How does timeline management work in CAMPR?

CAMPR offers two free and Open Source tools for timeline management. One tool for scheduling called “Phases & Milestones” and one Gantt chart tool.

1 Phases & Milestones

In this module you can set up your project timeline. Set up the phases of your project and mark special events as milestones. On top of that you can create tasks and connect them with phases in the task management tool. [Link]

Features of the tool:

  • define phases and milestones
  • set base dates and dependencies
  • track your progress

2 Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is a standard tool for time management. The progress bars displayed enable you to get an overview of your schedule immediately. With this tool you can modify your schedule and  navigate through your phases and tasks to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Features of the tool:

  • edit dates (base & forecast) of tasks or phases by simply draging them along the timeline
  • keep an overview of task durations
  • quicker reaction time to potential problems thanks to the visualized connection of phases and tasks

Open Source Timeline Management with CAMPR

CAMPR is an Open Source enterprise project management system, available as SaaS and on premise. If you would like to use the on premise version and install the project management system with all its tools on your own server, you can find a detailed description on our GitHub repository.