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The CAMPR Tutorial Series

We prepared a comprehensive tutorial series for you explaining all functions and details of the tool. The 10 videos so far cover all modules from the project contract to project reports. More videos on CAMPR will follow.

If you have a request or an idea for an additional tutorial or have recorded one yourself, feel free to contact us!

Project Contract

Set the foundation of the project with the project contract. The framework agreement consists of a brief description, objectives, limitations and more. 



In this video we take a closer look at the module “Organization”. The Organization module is the central place to manage your team and communication.


Phases and Milestones

Schedule your project and mark particularly important events. Learn how you can utilise the full toolkit of the module “Phases & Milestones”.



This tutorial focuses on the module Task Management. Break your project work down into work packages, schedule them, assign roles and more. 


Gantt chart


This is a brief tutorial on the module Gantt chart. All Phases, Milestones and work packages are synchronized with the Gantt chart giving you the best possible overview of your project timeline. 

RASCI Matrix


The RASCI module is the quickest and most efficient way to manage the responsibilities of your project work. You can assign the five different roles to any of your project members for any of your project’s tasks.

Risk Management

This tutorial demonstrates how to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis using CAMPR.



In this tutorial we are presenting the modules Meetings, Infos, Todos and Decisions. Create meetings and have all important information in one place.



CAMPR offers automated status reports, available with only one click. For that it takes all latest project information and compiles a report you can use to evaluate and present the project and its condition.


Cost Management

Keep track of your costs and where they occur. Add internal costs such as the costs for your teams work or external costs such as services or capital investment.