Campr - The tool for industrious people Campr - The tool for industrious people
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CAMPR SERVICES precise project management for professionals


Our approach is to continuously improve project management for our clients. Therefore, we are convinced, that launching a professional software tool in your organization has a significant impact on project success. But best practice project management is much more.

In cooperation with you and your team we advance your entire project management landscape by consulting and supporting you on site within your daily project work, mutually enhance your project processes, customize our CAMPR application to match your needs and guide your organization during the roll-out. 

We are based in Würzburg and Hamburg and flexible to travel wherever our clients are. 


Lifting your entire project management landscape to the next level is an ambitious yet absolutely worthwhile endeavor! There is high potential for increasing productivity by reaching higher project success rates. To face those challenges we can support and guide you through the change processes.

  • Developing and improving individual PM landscapes and processes
  • Implementing combinations of traditional, agile and hybrid PM approaches
  • Customized PM Training
  • Piloting new processes within your daily business


We have a network of interim project managers with experience in a variety of industries. For any immediate help in your projects we can support you with staff for your daily project business. We offer support from a single day workshop to multiple months hands-on, on site support. 

  • Direct support with experienced, professional PM’s
  • Interim Project Management Office
  • Leading professional workshops on demand (e.g. Project Kick-Off, Lessons Learned, etc.)
  • Task Force Management
  • Full project execution

Customizing CAMPR

We are convinced that there is neither the one standard nor the one tool for executing all projects. That‘s why we offer a free open source tool which we can make fit for any needs in cooperation with our customer. That includes customizing the application, embedding it in existing infrastructure and guiding through the entire roll-out within the organisation.

  • Individualization to fit into existing PM landscape, culture and processes
  • Creating new, tailored features
  • Embedding into existing IT infrastructure
  • Customized workflows
  • Tailored reports
  • Individual look and feel


To ensure that your data remains within your organization, you can run the entire application on your own chosen cloud-system. We are available to support you in setting up your own fully operational CAMPR system. The step-by-step instructions for installing CAMPR  can be found in GitHub.

  • Operation on your own web server
  • Installation in your own system environment Linux or MacOS
  • Data storage, data backup and import of updates under your own control

Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH

INDUSTRY: Heavy Industry / Glas products manufacturer

LOCATION/-S: Germany (Kleinostheim, Hanau, Bitterfeld), China (Shenyang)

DESCRIPTION: Entire project responsibility for planning and executing of 8 individual production relocation projects with complex interdependencies to consider.