The Story of CAMPR

Recently, we, Christoph Pohl and Manuel Weiler, were on the road as Head of the Project Management Office (PMO) at a German medium-sized company in the automotive supply industry and were responsible for the start-up of the new volume model of a major OEM. 

The particular challenge was to ensure that the production started successively on three different continents. Setting up production facilities, establishing a global supply chain and coordinating suppliers rounded off this demanding task.

It soon became apparent that this challenge could not be met adequately within the given time frame with the tools and processes available in the company: too rigid, too intransparent, not suitable for project work in interdisciplinary teams. 

As it was not the first time that we were confronted with heterogeneous project management landscapes and had repeatedly complained about the lack of an intuitive software-supported tool for the professional management of large projects, we decided to tackle the issue ourselves and implement it according to our own ideas.

We took the first steps towards our solution after work. As freelance project managers we were used to working flexibly and mobile. So the first specifications, tests and the roadmap were created in the evening in our rolling offices – CAMPR was born.  

How could the problems that arose be solved? The tool should be web-based with central file storage. For the international teams, the tool must of course be multilingual and the learning curve steep. In addition a strong focus on data security, encryption and transparency. Hosted in the cloud or on the customer’s server.

For us, professional project management means above all: Implementing the process maps of PMI and GPM as the world’s leading certification organizations, as well as presenting both classic and agile project approaches.